Deborah Wallace



Currently, there are four books in this series, but there will be three more.

Kathleen's Legacy (Rawlins Book 1) on Amazon Kathleen's Legacy
A town with secrets…
Kathleen Rawlins is desperately searching for a job when she inherits the estate of an unknown uncle, with the stipulation that she must live in the house for a year. She heads to the town of Rawlins, and experiences a vision of the town’s founding in 1693 by ancestors fleeing Salem Village after the witch hysteria. Impossible, but all too real.
Soon after arriving in Rawlins, Kathleen meets Reese Ballard, a good friend of her uncle. Drawn together, they work on discovering her uncle’s killer, as well as those responsible for the ritualistic deaths of local college students. Evidence points to an evil that has resided in Rawlins since its founding.
In dreams, Kathleen’s ancestor, Hannah, teaches Kathleen how to use her new abilities. Hannah has subdued evil in her own lifetime but the evil that has pervaded Rawlins is now stronger than ever before.
Kathleen and Reese find clues in Rawlins dark past. The current wave of evil must be stopped before Kathleen becomes the next victim.

Jason's Forbiden Woman (Rawlins Book 2) on Amazon Jason's Forbiden Woman
Secrets can be deadly…
Jason Ballard is hired to protect Shauna Meyers from her ex-fiancé, and takes her home to Rawlins. Once there, she finds her grandmother’s name in the family trees of the founders. Shauna’s grandmother comes to her in dreams and teaches her to use her special abilities to protect herself. Her grandmother’s convinced that Jason is as evil as his birth father.
Jason has secrets. He was adopted, and is afraid that if he strays from the good path, he’ll become as evil as his birth parents. He’s attracted to Shauna, but the beautiful virgin may lead to his downfall.
When Jason is attacked by magic spells, Shauna becomes the protector. With danger closing in on all sides, will they be able to save each other?

Jamie's Trials (Rawlins Book 3) on Amazon Jamie's Trials
It’s hard to keep a secret when your life depends on revealing it…
Theron Jarvis overhears two men discussing kidnapping his best friend, Jamie Ballard, the woman he’s been in love with for over a year. He follows her home to Rawlins, to both warn and protect her.
Jamie’s dream starring Theron makes her see him as more than her best friend. As they work to keep her safe, they grow closer. Despite their best efforts, Jamie is kidnapped...and Theron can’t find her.
Jamie awakens in a basement room as a man is tossed inside and the door slammed shut. She’s not sure if she can trust this former classmate, but his presence is better than being alone.
With threats against her prison mate, Jamie is forced to use her special abilities to help her kidnapper reach his goals. Powers she’s vowed to never use after a tragic accident. Now, they may be all that keep her alive until Theron comes for her. If he can find her.

Adam's Redemption (Rawlins Book 4) on Amazon Adam's Redemption
A premonition has never been so important…
After months of therapy, Adam Richards has recovered from his lifelong obsession with Jamie Ballard. He’s ready to start a fresh life, only to have a premonition of a woman who will die at his brother’s hands if he doesn’t find and rescue her.
Trill Song awakens from a spell induced haze to find herself five months pregnant, and a stranger trying to convince her she needs to run from her home or die. The only way she’ll leave with Adam is if he’ll let her see the premonition that brought him to her. She packs a bag and runs with him, but it isn’t long before Art tracks them down and they have to run again.
Trill and Adam must use every bit of their abilities and spells to stay ahead of Art. But he has too many tricks and they can't run forever.